Markers on the Journey

Maybe I have been driving too much lately.  I feel like I have memorized the scenery from Wellston to Luther.  And from Luther to Wellston.  As well as from Wellston to Oklahoma City.  I can tell you how many miles it is from our house to almost every hospital in Oklahoma City.  I can tell you how many miles it is from our house to each of our grandkids’ homes.  I can tell you how many miles it is to each of our children’s homes, as well as how many miles it is to my Dad’s house in Arkansas.  I know how many miles it is from my dad’s house to the VA Hospital in North Little Rock as well as to the VA Hospital in Little Rock.  I know how far it is from the hospitals to Dad’s favorite eating place in Little Rock.

In a lot of ways I am glad these are predictable.  I know where I am by the scenery and by the mile markers.  I like predictable.  But things change.

We are in the season of Epiphany, a season which marks journeys.  The magi as they come to see Jesus, Jesus as he comes to be baptized by John, the disciples as they are called by Jesus to follow him to a new life.

My dad is now 94 years old.  I am 65.  Jeni and I have been married for 10 years.  Each day I am reminded that my body is showing both the miles and years I have put on it. And my retirement is just a few months away.

I know there will be some changes in the days and months to come.  That is the nature of journey, whether it is physical, spiritual, emotional, or other.  I’m letting go of the things that are less important to me.  While most of those are just objects, stuff which was important at one point, and now has the opportunity to be important to someone else, I am also learning to let go of the ministries I have enjoyed for so long and in so many places.  It’s both a good thing and a difficult one as well.

For so long, almost 46 years now, I have worked in the church in some way or another. My folks in my churches have listened to countless sermons, waded through Bible studies and committee meetings with me, and loved me.  I could not ask for more.

So what now?  We are beginning to collect boxes, go through all the stuff in the house.  Deciding what needs to move with us and what needs to find a new home.  Because life is more than stuff.  Life is the richness of relationships formed over the years.  Life is the joy of lying down on the floor with your granddaughter (even if she has to help you up.) Life is spending time with your spouse. Life is teaching your grandsons how to drive with a manual transmission.  Life is helping grandsons change the oil and put new brakes on their pickup.  Life is shopping with granddaughters.

These are the markers on my life’s journey.  I might not know exactly where I am, but I am enjoying it anyway!  2000px-Mile_Marker_1.svg

~ by revpaulcalkin on January 15, 2018.

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